Basic Concepts Of Diving Training

Skill: Abilities or exercises that the students need to perform based on the idea of repetition (firstly the student hear a description of the skill in the briefing, secondly they see a demonstration by the instructor, and thirdly they repeat it in confined and open water dives). Skills are simulations of issues and emergency situations that can occur during a dive and range from how to clean a flooded mask (OWD Course) to what to do with an unconscious diver on the surface (Rescue Diver Course). Confined Water Dive: Any dive performed above 5m in calm weather and water conditions, … Continue reading Basic Concepts Of Diving Training

Recognition of the PADI Standards of Education

I feel ashamed of how many people think that the training standards of the diving community are just an option that dive centers can chose to follow or not. For many professionals they are not more than recommendations to follow in case the day is not very busy and they often think that standards and profit exclude each other. There’s NOTHING FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! They will use excuses like none in the diving community is following these rules or that it’s not possible for small dive centers to respect the standards. Guys, BREAKING THE STADRARDS IS NOT AN OPTION, … Continue reading Recognition of the PADI Standards of Education

Hello everybody!

My name is Daniel del Río Castro and I’m the director of ‘Abyss Diving School’ in Dubrovnik (Croatia), a new diving center that will open its doors on July 1st if everything is alright. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself: I am Spanish, 28 years old (29 in august, I hope I will have enough time to celebrate!), journalist and PADI Speciality Instructor. This year my life changed suddenly: I got the news from PADI that I am one of the 50 Elite Instructors because of my amount of certifications last year and, a few months … Continue reading Hello everybody!