Rescue Diver Course


Rescue Diver course is the last recreational level requiered to become a diving professional. Is one the most demanding courses, but also we could considere it as one of the most beautiful and important ones. Why? Because in this course we start to focused, not just in our safety, but in SAFETY OF OTHERS DIVERS.

We learn how to save the life of ANOTHER PERSON in the water, but before that we need to learn how to do it at the surface. For that is a requirement to have a course of first aids which must contain training on CPR, and might be done in the last year previous to the begining of Rescue Diver course. If the student has none, always they can join our Emergency First Response (EFR) courses, where we teach Primary and Secondary Cares and, eventually, the use of EAD and to provide Emergency Oxigen, the general procedure in diving emergencies. Also the students need to be AOWD.

11731696_431367400368721_6321493633548518555_o– THEORY LESSONS:

As any scuba diving course, Rescue Diver also has a manual where you need to study and fulfill 5 chapters of theory with 5 knowledge reviews, and a DVD with 5 videos. After the fulfillment of the chapters, the student need to pass successfully an exam with 50 test question, where they need to achieve a grade of, at least, 75%. The theory can be done with the physical manual, with the eManual or eLearning. In that case, the student must do a quick review with the instructor where need to show they adquired the knowledges.


Rescue Diver, unlike other courses, doesn’t have an amount of confined either open water dives. There are some exercices and scenarios which the student need to show their ability to solve. In fact, there are 9 exercices and 2 rescue scenarios representing differents emergency situations that can occur during a dive:


– Exercise 1: Tired Diver.

– Exercise 2: Panicked Diver.

– Exercise 3: Response from shore, boat or dock (responsive diver)

– Exercise 4: Distressed Diver Underwater

– Exercise 5: Missing Diver

– Exercise 6: Surfacing the Unresponsive Diver

Rescue-Diver-Photo– Exercise 7: Unresponsive Diver at the Surface (Probably the most important exercise of the whole PADI program)

– Exercise 8: Exiting the Unresponsive Diver

– Exercise 9: First Aid for Pressure-Related Injuries and Oxygen Administration

– Exercise 10: Response from Shore/Boat to Unresponsive (nonbreathing) Diver at the Surface


– Scenario 1: Unresponsive Diver Underwater (Search for and locate a missing diver during an accident simulation)

– Scenario 2: Unresponsive Diver at the Surface

The exercises might be done and repeat if neccesary either in confined and open water dives, as much as it would be requiered until the students achive the abilities and knowledges. SOME OF THE EXERCISES HAVE A DEPTH LIMIT OF 6 AND 9 MTS.


Before the certification, the students need to make an emergency plan refired to the location where they are doing the course. That emergency plan should show in summary the steps to follow in an emergency situation, such as a list of emergency telephone numbers to call, what to do depending on the severity of the emergency, what first aids we should apply to the victim, etc.


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