PADI Touch and eLearning

AseLearning_web_18 soon as travellers staying for only a few days in the same place wanted to get their diving license, PADI divided the education into small pieces in order to offer more flexible training schedules. Now all the courses can be completed in one (DSD), two (SD) and three/four (OWD) days. Unfortunately for students with little time the diving course occupied almost the whole day: Doing the Confined and Open Water Dives with the instructor and, back at the hotel, reading manuals and watching videos to complete the theory. Now PADI created new online tools with which it is possible to complete the theory at home PREVIOUS TO THE DIVING COURSE DURING THE HOLIDAYS: eLearning and PADI Touch. These options considerably reduce the amount of work on the training days.

eLeareLearning_web_15ning is a virtual class where you can read the theory manual, watch the videos, answer the knowledge reviews of every chapter and also do the exam online. When everything is completed the students get a code that the instructor can use to certify them after the training. eLearning is available in many languages and for all courses (except as speciality courses only Enriched Air Diver is available).

PADI Touch is an application for tablets and smartphones with which you can complete the theory and take the exam. Because this tool is very new, it is, unlike eLearning, not available in many languages yet but soon the whole diving community will study using method that is exclusive by PADI!

eLearning_web_12In any case, the THEORY MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE PRACTICAL PART OF THE COURSE. These are the standards, we are not allowed to take you to the sea without completing some theory units. This means that completing the theory after the holidays is not an option, you have to do it in advance. If you decide to do the theory during the holidays, online theory is possibly also a better choice for you, because you can do with your tablet/computer wherever you go instead of carrying heavy manuals and staying in the diving school longer.

Abyss Diving School gives a discount of 300kn (40€) to students with individually completed online theory. You can book the online theory with PADI by your own here.
In case the eLearning is booked with us we add 300kn to the price of the course. If you would like to do this you can contact us with the information at the bottom of the page.


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