ImagineGoDive_web_08 that after a long journey in India, enjoying delicious Masala dishes, curries and Chai Tea, it is possible that you long for a more familiar meal. Walking through New Delhi you recognise the logo of a famous international restaurant chain and your favourite dish tastes exactly like it does back at home. This is because they use cooking STANDARDS that make sure their dishes taste exactly the same all over the world. In diving we use a similar system: PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

PADI is an international organisation that doesn’t prepare food, but trains divers and its can be found all over the world. The international standards in diving make sure that the high quality courses we teach in Croatia are exactly the same as taught in a dive centre in Thailand IF IT IS ALSO PADI. The advantage of this is that you can get a REFERRAL, if necessary. For example, imagine you are from Switzerland (in the very centre of Europe) and you go on holiday to Croatia. You start your diving education there, complete a couple of dives but unfortunately on your last training day a storm comes up. There are currents and intense wind that make it too dangerous to dive. No problem, you can complete referral documentation with your instructor and finish your education with any other PADI dive centre in the world within 12 months.

Another big advantage is that you can complete part of the course at home before going on holiday. Maybe you wish to do so because a scuba course requires some studying after the dives, something that doesn’t take all day but understandably you might prefer to spend the time out of the water on your holiday relaxing or sightseeing. The most common thing is to complete the theory and the confined water dives with a dive centre back at home and go on holiday as a referred student and enjoy the four open water dives in the sea.

Another way to make your course more stress-free is to study the theory on your own before arriving to the dive centre. You can buy the materials of study at your local PADI dive shop or do the THEORY ONLINE with PADI Touch or eLearning (read more here).


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