Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)


Once you get certified as OWD, you are able to go to the next level and become Advanced OWD. The main difference between the two certifications is that the last one allows you to do deep dives, until a maximum depth of 30m. In addition to that, as an Advanced OWD you are authorised to perform some tasks that an OWD is not because you have an improved buoyancy, better orientation under the water with a compass, techniques to look for a missing object that sank to the bottom, experienced wreck diving etc. While in the OWD course you are taught how to take care of yourself, in the AOWD course you focus in PERFORMING SPECIFIC TASKS. The dives in which we perform the special tasks are called ADVENTURE DIVES. You can find them in the Adventures in Adventure in divingDiving Manual:
Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigation, Search & Recovery, Night Dive, Wreck Dive, Deep Dive, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photographer, Underwater Videographer, Underwater Propulsion Vehicle, Multilevel Dive, Drift Dive and Fish Identification are just some of the many adventures dives available in the PADI catalogue.

Once you completed three adventures dives (e.g. Drift Dive, Night Dive, and Fish Identification) you can get the ADVENTURE DIVER certification. This certification not very popular, most students prefer to do directly the Advanced OWD, for which you need to complete 5 adventures dives, including the mandatory UNDERWATER NAVIGATIOSpecialty of the Month Calendar Cards, January, Dry Suit DiverN and DEEP DIVE. These two adventures are not optional because with the Advanced OWD certification you are allowed to do deep dives and you need to be able to orientate yourself under water with a compass.

Usually NO EXAM is required for the AOWD certification, only in case you choose certain adventures (as Enriched Air). However, it is mandatory to complete the knowledge review of all five adventures. In Abyss Diving School we promote the following adventures beside the mandatory Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation, because in our opinion they are the most useful ones for the student: Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB), Wreck Dive, Night Dive, and Search & Recovery.

All the requirements of the AOWD course can be fulfilled in a couple of days.
This is the schedule we follow in ‘Abyss Diving School’:AOWD schedule

→In case you don’t chose the Night Dive (only ONE of the two evenings), you complete the fifth adventure dive on the third day.

→If you already have a logged adventure dive, (with completed knowledge review, signatures and stamps), we can accredit that to the course.




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