Sergio Castaño Hernández

My DSC00508name is Sergio Castaño Hernández, I am Spanish and 29 years old.

I did my Open Water Course 3 years ago in Colombia. It was one of the best experiences in my life and this is why every summer I try go diving in my holidays. Right now I have only 13 dives but I hope to do many more.

I have been living in Edinburgh (Scotland) for the last two years, working as a chef and learning English. But also I got a degree in law, specialist in international codes. Living abroad has been a great experience, quite useful and I could draw a positive balance. I keep great memories but after two years it is time to change something, especially when you are working in a job that does not excite you and makes you feel fulfilled.

So this summer I have taken the decision to move on Dubrovnik to learn from one of the best professionals and one the best person that I know, Daniel, and become Dive Master.


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