Discover Scuba Diving

Rescue DiverThe Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is the very first step to become a diver and the most demanded of all PADI programs. It is just an introduction to the diving world that allows the students to check if they are able to do this sport or not.

As a DSD you are NOT A CERTIFIED DIVER but you are registered in the PADI system. This is important because if you decide to do a certification course (Open Water Diver or, its little brother, Scuba Diver) PADI credits you with the DSD.

Usually, DSD is composed of two main parts: A Confined Water Dive and an Open Water Dive. It is possible to do only one of the two parts, however, if you complete only the Confined Water Dive, you cannot be registered as a Discovery Scuba Diver, with only the Open Water Dive this is possible. In Abyss Diving School, we call the Confined Water Dive ‘test diving’ and it’s not a PADI program.

Confined Water Dive (in a pool or in a confined water area of the sea)
In this simple dive we teach just a few basics skills and perform some easy situations that can occur under the water that we need to be ready to solve:

  1. Inflating and Deflating the BCD
    This is important because the BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) always has to be fully inflated on the surface, acting as a lifejacket.
  2. Regulator Clearing (exhalation and purge button method)
    Emptying the regulator is important because it gets filled with water when it falls out of the mouth.
  3. Regulator Recovery
    For different reasons the regulator can be knocked out of the mouth, so it is important to learn how it can be easily recovered.
  4. Clear a Partially Flooded Mask
    Having water in the mask is a very common situation and every diver should be able to get rid of that water.
  5. Swimming, Recognising Hand Signals, and Checking the Pressure of the Tank

This confined water dive or ‘Test Diving’ is an experience of about 15 minutes and you can book it separately from any other program. If you are able to do the above-mentioned things in the pool or confined area, you should be able to do the next step in the open sea. If you struggle in confined water it’s better to not book the next experience.

Open Water Dive

This is a fun dive in the sea with a maximum depth of 12m. We descend holding a rope, equalising ears and sinus, and once we arrive at the bottom we make an excursion of about 40 minutes (the duration depends on safety, comfort and air consumption of the students). During this excursion the students discover a new world under water and experience BUOYANCY, the amazing feeling of flying above the bottom of the sea.



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